About Us

“If you love to browse then you will love lovetobrowse.com”

Founded in the summer of 2016, Lovetobrowse.com is the brain child of musician and entrepreneur Roger Moisan. An online shopping mall where new and niche retailers can set out their stalls alongside big companies such as B & Q and HMV, without the burdensome cost of physical premises. The booming digital economy means that a new online retailer must establish their brand and market presence in order to gain customer recognition and where better than in a digital shopping centre?

I Want One Of Those (IWOOT) have been working with Lovetobrowse.com since August 2016 and have just had their best Christmas ever!

Q. Where did the idea come from?

A. The idea came from wandering around the many fascinating markets and curiosity shops in my home town, Croydon in South London, and just popping in and browsing. You could go in looking for a new toilet brush and come out with a much needed set of golf clubs! Browsing is such a fun pastime and who knows what might catch your eye. Wouldn’t it be great to replicate this experience online?

Q. What kind of retailers are on Lovetobrowse.com?

A. We have all sorts, from teenage fashion retailers Hot!Mess to KwikFit. Small start ups can set up shop right next to the big boys and benefit from their established brand awareness by catching the eye of the browser.

Q. What does it cost retailers and how do you make money?

A. There are no direct costs to retailers. We take a commission decided by the individual company on direct sales to the consumer through an affiliate arrangement. It is ridiculously simple and profitable for all.

Q. How can retailers get involved?

A. Just email me at rogermoisan@lovetobrowse.com and we will do the rest.

Q. Have you considered selling lovetobrowse.com to one of the big online traders?

A. Absolutely. I love starting new businesses and moving them on.

Check out the amazing selection of products and services at lovetobrowse.com and enjoy browsing without having to brave the crowds and winter weather.

If you love to browse then you will love, lovetobrowse.com