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The modern incarnation of Philip Morris & Son is a business that thrives by differentiating itself on the basis of the quality of customer service.  Whether you are one of the 30,000 people a year who buy from us online, or a Herefordshire local who has been shopping with us all your life, we aim to provide you with quality goods and service.
Philip Morris & Son was established in Hereford as an ironmongers in 1845. Whilst true to its roots and very much still a family business Philip Morris & Son has developed into the thriving business of today encompassing a physical department store and an online website.

Philip Morris shops in Hereford

Website Updated

If you’re a returning customer then you probably haven’t noticed the changes in the website design as we’ve tried to make them as seamless as possible. On the 24th February 2015 we upgraded our website and we migrated the site onto a more mobile and tablet friendly platform. Since then we have made many updates with the intention of improving everything for our customers. Changes such as look, functionality and better and easier searching. Our plans are for the long term and include even easier searching to help customers find what they need as well as detailed videos to help you decide if you want to buy. Feel free to send us your comments if you find something you like or dislike. Listening to our customers is high on our priority list!

Philip Morris in Virtual Reality

The Philip Morris & Son virtual reality tour is the ultimate browsing experience. Browse both shops digitally on your computer and feel like you’re walking around our store without even leaving your arm chair! Simply click anywhere on the image below to start looking around our store. A new full size page will open to give you the best viewing experience ever and you can enjoy how it feels to be here!



The business today is based around 8 core departments, each of which is reflected on our home page. Each department has dedicated staff that are experts in their product areas and are happy to share their expertise with you. These departments included product ranges where we are established leaders such as country clothing, bathrooms accessories and barbecues, and others new items to the mix such as linen, and luggage, which help to keep our product offering up to date for both the local and mail order markets.

A bit more about our history

  • The business was established in 1845 and is still named after the original owner Philip Morris. Some years later it passed to his son and then a third generation before being sold to Mr Albert Jones, the grandfather of the current managing partners, in 1945. For the first few years of its existence Philip Morris & Son was located in Hereford’s High Town area, approximately where Marks & Spencer’s is today. The business was then relocated to the current premises in Widemarsh Street where it has traded uninterrupted for the last 160 years. In 2007 a second store, directly opposite the main shop was added and the clothing and gunroom departments relocated to the second shop.
  • Maurice Jones took over the business on the death of his father in 1974, and managed it, with his wife Bunty, until gradually handing over the reins to their two sons John and Bruce Jones in the last few years. Maurice and Bunty remain actively involved in the management and strategic direction of the business.
  • Bruce joined the business after finishing university in 2002, and immediately embarked on the successful move into online trading. This early move, when e-commerce was in its infancy, proved to be an excellent diversification that has driven the rapid growth of the business in recent years. Philip Morris & Son is now firmly established as an online retailer, with a growing national reputation.
  • John returned to Philip Morris & Son in 2005, after university and a career in the City with accounting giants Ernst & Young. John manages all aspect of the business finance, as well as taking care of the day to day running of the store and has an especially keen interest in the clothing department.


Oscar nominations 2017: What to look out for

Mahershala Ali, Emma Stone and Casey AffleckThe nominees could include Mahershala Ali, Emma Stone and Casey Affleck

This year’s Oscar nominations are due out later, with La La Land likely to land as the clear frontrunner.

The modern musical romance has swept film fans off their feet, and its stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are expected to be among the nominees.

The question is – how many nominations will the film get in total, and can it equal the Oscars record of 14?

Titanic and All About Eve currently share that record, while Mary Poppins is the most nominated musical with 13.

Natalie Portman in JackieNatalie Portman plays US President John F Kennedy’s widow in Jackie

This year’s other contenders will include Moonlight, about a young black man dealing with his sexuality in drug-torn Miami; brooding domestic drama Manchester By The Sea; and cerebral sci-fi film Arrival.

In the acting categories, Jackie’s Natalie Portman is likely to challenge Emma Stone for best actress, while Manchester By The Sea’s Casey Affleck and Fences’ Denzel Washington are tipped to give Gosling competition for best actor.

Other things to look out for:

Paramount PicturesDenzel Washington could be in contention for his third acting Oscar
  • Will it be #oscarssowhite again?

Almost certainly not. After two years with no black acting nominees, this year we could see four or five – possibly Washington (who also directed Fences), Viola Davis (Fences), Naomie Harris (Moonlight), Mahershala Ali (Moonlight) and Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures).

Naomie Harris in MoonlightNaomie Harris is thought to be the British actress with the best chance of a nomination
  • Which Brits will be in the running?

Naomie Harris is flying the flag for British actresses, while male candidates could include Andrew Garfield (Hacksaw Ridge/Silence), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Nocturnal Animals), Dev Patel (Lion) – and Hugh Grant (Florence Foster Jenkins), who could get his first nomination. But there probably won’t be anything for Ken Loach’s benefits drama I, Daniel Blake.

Meryl Streep at the Golden GlobesMeryl Streep’s chances have improved since her Golden Globes speech
  • Will Meryl make history?

Meryl Streep will become the first person to notch up 20 acting nominations if she gets in for Florence Foster Jenkins. She was an outsider – but her odds have shortened since berating Donald Trump at the Golden Globes.

Ryan Reynolds in DeadpoolDeadpool: A superhero blockbuster that Oscar voters can stomach?
  • Will Deadpool be up for best picture?

If it is, it will be the first superhero movie to be nominated for the top award. It has a chance – it was nominated for the Golden Globes and Producers Guild of America Awards, among others, and its star Ryan Reynolds posted a brilliant video to launch its campaign.

Amy Adams in ArrivalArrival star Amy Adams has been nominated for five Oscars, but has never won
  • Could Arrival be the (other) surprise package?

Arrival, in which Amy Adams tries to talk to aliens, could well be second to La La Land when the nominations are totted up, partly thanks to its chances in the technical categories – despite Manchester by the Sea and Moonlight being talked about alongside La La Land as this year’s main contenders.

Mel Gibson directing Hacksaw RidgeMel Gibson has directed World Taw Two movie Hacksaw Ridge
  • Will Mel Gibson be back in the fold?

After a series of racist and sexist rants over the past two decades, Mel Gibson’s comeback movie Hacksaw Ridge will get nominations. But will Academy members bring themselves to nominate him for best director?

Tom Hanks in SullyTom Hanks has been nominated for five Oscars – but his last nomination was in 2001
  • Will Tom Hanks be back in the fold?

Despite his reputation as an Oscar favourite, Tom Hanks hasn’t had a nomination since 2001. His latest role as Hudson River pilot Chesley Sullenberger in Sully surely ticks the Academy’s boxes.

The Academy Award nominations are announced from 13:18 GMT on Tuesday, with the winners to be named in Los Angeles on 26 February.

Source: BBC Arts and Entertainment

Entertainment week in pictures: 14-21 January

One solution to two big social problems

Monique and Mikyoung sewing together.

Here’s a solution that could tackle two of the West’s most urgent problems: a young generation priced out of affordable housing, and the loneliness and isolation of a rapidly ageing population.

For so-called millennials, like Mikyoung Ahn, a large home is a seemingly unattainable dream. She could not imagine living in a spacious detached house on the leafy outskirts of Paris, just half an hour from the Arc de Triomphe. She definitely couldn’t imagine paying just 120 Euros (£100) a month to live there.

Yet, with the help of an innovative housing scheme, that idea is no longer a fantasy for the 25-year-old student from Seoul, South Korea.

An aspiring architect, she wanted to live and study in one of the world’s cultural capitals. To realise her dream, she turned away from traditional student accommodation. Instead of moving in with other young people, Mikyoung chose as a landlady and housemate a 78-year-old widow with a passion for patchwork.

“I knew I was going away from home for university, and that I wouldn’t have any family or any friends,” she says. “But after the first meeting her, I knew it was going to be perfect.”

Mikyoung and her landlady, Monique, have been living together since October, after they were matched by an organisation called Ensemble2Generations. This organisation and others like it pair elderly people with students, in an arrangement called homeshare.

The concept is simple, yet it attempts to bridge an intergenerational divide that exists in many parts of the world.

On one side are older people, who own properties that were purchased when house prices were comparatively cheap, but who may now need some help with daily activities like shopping and cleaning.

On the other side are young people, who cannot afford to rent a decent flat, but who may have some time to spare.

Mikyoung works on her sewing
Image captionMonique has got Mikyoung into her hobby, quilting

Mikyoung helps Monique with a range of everyday tasks. She carries Monique’s shopping in the supermarket, washes up, and has even created an instruction sheet to help Monique understand all the buttons on her TV remote.

“It’s not a big deal,” she says. “It’s just life, you know. If I lived here, I would have to clean the dishes or take the trash out. I feel really this is my home – this is our home.

“Every night when I come back, I prepare the dinner and I put on the music that I have learned today. For example, Champs-Élysées or something like that, and we sing together.”

Monique, who is a retired schoolteacher, is now an avid fan of Downton Abbey, after being introduced to the programme by Mikyoung.

“We have very good moments together, because we share a lot,” says Monique. “We often sit together and watch TV programmes. Everything is simple between us.”

Turning to Monique, she adds: “You are like a granddaughter to me.”

Homeshare is not a new idea – it was first trialled in the USA and Spain during the 1980s. However, experts have recently started to view it as a scalable solution to two problems that continue to cause social problems. While young people are migrating to cities, pushing up the price of rent, many populations in the developed world are ageing.

Homeshare schemes are now active in 16 countries across the world. Since 1999, an organisation called Homeshare International has acted as a network for homeshare schemes.

“The benefits to the householder are they feel much safer at home because of having someone else in the house,” says Elizabeth Mills, the organisation’s director. “They’re happier, incidents of accidents and falls go down, and the reassurance for the householder’s family is absolutely enormous.”

Most programmes offer two homeshare arrangements for prospective participants. The first allows the student to live in an elderly person’s home rent-free in exchange for help around the house. The second requires the student to contribute money to household bills, but places fewer burdens on their time.

Centre of ParisImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionIt costs roughly 900 Euros a month for a student to live in the centre of Paris

So will schemes like this help solve the housing crises of millenials – and the problems of the elderly?

Research into homeshare projects in Spain and the USA indicates that participants are overwhelmingly satisfied by the arrangement. The Spanish study, for example, reported that 93.2% of elderly people had benefitted in some way from the programme, while 98.7% of students had benefitted.

The organisation that paired Monique and Mikyoung, Ensemble2Generations, conducts face-to-face interviews before placing people together. Students even have to put pen to paper to explain why they want a placement, so that their application can be examined by a handwriting expert. Despite this, some partnerships simply do not work out.

A major issue is that people of different generations may not always get on. Monique’s previous housemate was a young gardener who spent a lot of time out of the house. When they did occasionally eat together, the gardener did not want to have a conversation. Instead, according to Monique, he just stared vacantly at his phone. But that did not shake Monique’s confidence in homeshare.

“I never doubted whether I wanted to homeshare. I knew there were other people out there… It is a good solution for me.”

And although the gardener did not provide much companionship for Monique, experts widely acknowledge that homeshare is an effective antidote to loneliness – a problem that affects over one million elderly people in Britain, according to Age UK. Helen Bown, a policy expert who specialises in social isolation, says that the emotional support provided by a homeshare relationship often exceeds its financial advantages.

“People talk about not feeling so lonely anymore, particularly people who are single, ” she says. “People have talked about having a safety net, particularly at night.

“I think one of the most compelling things that people have talked about, consistently, is the impact emotionally for people – the positive relationship. The feeling that people are contributing; that they are part of a mutually beneficial relationship, not just a transaction of care and support.”

This is certainly the case for Armelle, a 64 year-old woman living in Cergy, northwest of Paris. Eighteen months ago, Armelle’s husband died of cancer. Devastated, and fearing loneliness, she got in touch with Ensemble2Generations. Since then, she has housed a 19-year-old student called Blandine, from Versailles, who is studying engineering at a local university.

“If my husband had been here, I would never have thought of accommodating a student,” says Armelle. “But she’s like a companion. It’s so good to have a presence in the house. I enjoy Blandine’s company a lot.”

Armelle and Blandine
Image captionArmelle and Blandine have an easygoing friendship

Armelle and Blandine’s relationship is like a casual friendship. They relax together in the evenings and chat about their lives. While she was away from the house for a few days, Armelle even allowed Blandine to have a house party.

“Though her contract says that she’s not allowed to have friends over, I know that I can trust her,” says Armelle, laughing. “I even helped her organise it.”

The house has a large fireplace and a spectacular view over the lakes of Cergy. Unsurprisingly, Blandine is fond of these home comforts, and is not keen on moving into a cramped student flat for the next academic year.

“In student accommodation everything is in the same room, except for the bathroom,” she says, wrinkling up her nose.

“I have a few friends who are offering to flat-share next year. I tell them, “Why not?” but I’m actually very comfortable here – I’m not sure I’m going to leave.” at

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Best first cars for under £2,000

Don’t think that you’ll have a limited choice when you buy your first car. On the contrary, with a budget of £2,000, you can have pretty much whatever sort of car you fancy

First published: 2nd August 2016
Passing your test is just the first step in an exciting journey. And, once you have that precious pass certificate in your hands, you can start to think about buying your first car. Happily, the world is very much your oyster and, no matter what sort of car you want, a budget of £2,000 should get you something suitable.

Your priorities may well be for a car that’s easy to drive and cheap to run, but the good news is that you don’t need to sacrifice style or space. Even if sun-seeking is your thing, then yes, you can do that, too. For proof, look no further than our list of recommended first cars below.

Ford Fiesta – the great-driving one
The Fiesta celebrated its 40th birthday in 2016, and it’s easy to see why it’s always been such a big-seller. Quite simply, it’s all things to all people, and that means it’s ideal for someone who’s looking for their first car. For a start, because there have been so many Fiestas sold as new cars, there’s a massive choice on the used market. So, not only should you be able to find a car with your ideal specification, there are also plenty of cheap-to-run, cheap-to-insure models for sale. Best of all, you won’t find a small car that’s better to drive than a Fiesta; it’s nice and easy to manoeuvre, rides comfortably, and is every bit at home on the motorway as it is around town.

Ford Fiesta owner reviews | Find a Fiesta in our classifieds

Mini – the stylish one
Just because it’s your first car, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, and it’s hard to think of any small car that’s more stylish than the Mini. Best of all, because the company gave owners so much chance to personalise their car when they bought it new, there’s a huge range of different and distinctive Minis for sale. So, while you may need to search a bit to find it, your perfect Mini will be out there somewhere, with just the right combination of colours, trim and equipment. To cap it all, the one feature that all Minis share is that classic ‘go-kart’ feel, with sharp handling that means this is one car that’s as fun to drive as it is to look at.

Mini owner reviews | Find a Mini in our classifieds

Skoda Fabia – the dependable one
One of the most important considerations for anyone buying a used car – whether it’s their first car or their 41st – is reliability. The good news here, then, is that according to a report from market researchers JD Power, the most dependable cars are Skodas. The company sells a wide range of cars, but we think the Fabia is the best one for first-time drivers. Firstly, it’s nice and small, so it’s easy to drive. Secondly, it has plenty of space inside. Last but not least, the build quality is excellent. What’s more, the wide range of models available means that, whatever your priority – be it economy, performance, low running costs, whatever – you can find a Fabia that fits the bill.

Skoda Fabia owner reviews | Find a Fabia in our classifieds

Nissan Note – the practical one
If you need plenty of space but still want a small car that’s easy to drive, look no further than the Nissan Note. Yes, we admit the styling will look slightly boxy to some eyes, but it does create a genuinely spacious cabin, and there’s plenty of flexibility in the way the seats can be arranged, too. In other words, you get the space and practicality of a bigger car without suffering some of the drawbacks. On the contrary, the Note is a small car that’s a doddle to drive around town, is more than quick enough, and comes with some economical engines.

Nissan Note Owner reviews | Find a Note in our classifieds

Mazda MX-5 – the open-top one
Let’s be honest; doesn’t everyone who learns to drive lust after a two-seat sports car? Well, with the Mazda MX-5, you’re getting one of the very best. It combines that wonderful double-whammy of being every inch a ‘proper’ sports car to drive – with sharp handling, decent performance and a genuine ‘wind in the hair’ experience – with being very reliable. In fact, it’s one of the most reliable cars in Warranty Direct’s Reliability Index, full stop. Admittedly, some new drivers may find insurance costs a bit steep, but you may well think a car as good as this is worth every penny.

Mazda MX-5 Owner reviews | Find an MX-5 in our classifieds

Honda CR-V – the SUV
There’s no law to say that your first car has to be a small car, and if you want a bit more space, practicality and versatility than your average small car can provide, then an SUV could be your dream come true. The Honda CR-V was one of the very first of this sort of car, but there’s no shortage of choice with a £2000 budget. And, although many have high mileages, figures from Warranty Direct show that the car is well above average for reliability. What’s more, while it is a reasonably big car, it’s not so big that you can’t drive it in complete comfort. In fact, the slightly high seating position gives a great view down the road, while the four-wheel drive gives some potentially useful extra versatility.

About Hiwayhifi Ltd sale now on!

HiwayHifi is one of the largest independent electronic retailers based in the heart of London, providing a wide range of domestic appliances through our brick-and-mortar retail stores and our eCommerce store you’re visiting now.

Our buying power and stock holding gives us the ability to offer top brands at extremely competitive prices, but our service philosophy has much in common with a smaller store.

Though our range of stock and variety of brand relationships might put us on a par with some of the biggest electronic retailers, there’s nothing more we like to do than spend some one-on-one time with anyone that visits us, so we can talk about what’s right for them.

Our motto is that our customers are our greatest assets. We believe you have the right to professional, knowledgeable service, variety of choice AND the best price. So we don’t try and compete with stores with a range of locations.

We just go one step better, with one impressive showroom, a wide variety of products and specially trained staff – which you’ll find at our show rooms, on our telephone mail order service and running our comprehensive online electronics retail operation.

Over the last four decades, we’ve built up a strong base of both trade and retail customers who appreciate our commitment to service and value.

We’re now one of the leading suppliers of electronics and domestic appliances to the BBC, The British Council, Metropolitan Police, The Foreign Office, diplomats and various film production companies, as well as schools, colleges & hospitals, nationwide.

We pride ourselves on meeting every possible expectation from our customers, which is why we’re delighted to be part of RETRA. We retail only in great value electronics and have authorised dealer status with all brands we carry in stock.

We hope our site is useful to you in shopping for electronics.

Converse UK

Converse began in 1908 as a rubber shoe company specialising in galoshes. Soon after, we started using our rubber to make sneakers. In 1920, we renamed our canvas basketball sneaker the “All Star.” The name stuck. What didn’t stick was their intention. We made them to sink jump shots on the court. You, however, saw them as something more… and started wearing our sneakers to do whatever you wanted. You played music, made art, skated the streets and kicked back. You wore them as fashion. You wore them to work. You customised them with your personal style. You did everything to them, and in them. You saw our sneakers’ unlimited potential.

To this day, this spirit continues with all of our sneakers and apparel for All Star, Cons and Jack Purcell. As soon as you put them on and start doing your thing, their true life begins. You define them. You determine their journey. They become a one-of-a-kind celebration of your individuality and self-expression. They become a part of you. They’re Made by you.


Predator Nutrition. Exclusive Supplements

Predator Nutrition was born in 2009 from the need to introduce fitness enthusiasts to products that work. It is easy answering what we do, but what separates us from the competition is how and why we do it. We are a results driven team that strives to provide outstanding customer service, excellent product advice and a great range of innovative supplements which we hold exclusive distribution rights to.

It is this pursuit to be the best in what we do that gives Predator Nutrition a competitive edge and turned it into a leading sports nutrition business in the UK. We sell the best brands from around the world and we are proud to be exclusive distributors to many leading brands such as Driven Sports, PES, Body Nutrition, Molecular Nutrition, MTS Nutrition and many more.

We also owe our progress to our loyal and supportive customers. We wanted to be visible to them, to go out and talk to the people who helped us progress. This is why we opened a store in Leeds – to get to know you better, as well as allowing you to see and try the products that we offer. And because we want to make it fun, we regularly organise competitions with great prizes.



We have been selling sports and fitness products for over ten years through our website and central London showroom. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service.

We are committed to providing the best possible deals online. If you find the same product cheaper somewhere else, let us know and we will do our best to match it. We’re not a faceless Internet only retailer! We have a store in the west-end of London, between Oxford Circus and Great Portland Street tube stations. For expert face to face advice on product selection, just visit us!