‘Is he drunk?’ Watch Simon Cowell take an embarrassing tumble at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions

Auditions for the talent show kicked off on Sunday evening – and it seems Simon was in very high spirits…

Auditions for series 11 of Britain’s Got Talent kicked off this weekend – and it seems head judge Simon Cowell was in very high spirits…

Simon, 57, and his co-stars Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams arrived at the London Palladium on Sunday evening to witness the latest batch of weird and wonderful hopefuls, and things got off to quite a start.

In an exclusive video obtained by Now, Simon is seen taking a tumble into the audience as he makes his way to the judges’ table! Amanda, 45, and Alesha, 38, seem blissfully unaware of the commotion unfolding, as Simon is helped to his feet by David and a member of security.

Simon Cowell falling at Britain’s Got Talent

 An eyewitness told us: ‘It looked like Simon was hammered – he literally fell into someone’s lap. He and the rest of the judge’s were over an hour and a half late and, if his fall is anything to go by, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were enjoying a drink beforehand.’

And the embarrassment for Simon didn’t stop there. Argentinean model Leandro Penna recently claimed he and Katie Price broke up because she cheated with the music mogul – something his team was quick to deny.

But David, 45, couldn’t resist a dig over the story, unsurprisingly. According to reports, when one hopeful told Simon they were going to sing a song about a mistake he’d made, David turned to him and said: ‘Was that the same mistake you made with Katie Price?’


The human heart is so stupid.

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David Marsh

Get your wellies on: family day trips to 4 London farms

Just because you live in London it doesn’t mean you can’t have a taste of the countryside.

If you fancy donning your hunter wellies and getting some fresh air with the children, a day out at one of London’s city farms could make a refreshing change from the park.

Farms are magical places for little ones, and kids’ love cute animals.

Dakota Murphey, an independent content writer working with London based nanny and childcare specialist, Harmony at Home, has put together a review of our favourite London farms and some good reasons why you should give it a go.

A farm visit won’t only get you out in the fresh air, it will tick the education box too.

Mudchute Farm and Park

Mudchute Farm and ParkSet in the heart of East London on the Isle of Dogs, Mudchute Farm and Park is the largest urban farm in London with 32 acres of open parkland.

It’s a working farm with stables, a kids’ nursery and a wide range of educational activities.

There are over 100 animals and fowl, including some rare breeds. As well as horses, ponies, donkeys, llamas and alpacas, there’s a pets corner with smaller and cuddlier species too. In addition, there’s an aviary with a range of colourful birds from budgies to golden pheasants.

Try horseriding (you’ll need to book), and there are pony days during the school holidays for older children, which include stable management lessons and 2 riding sessions.

Take a packed lunch, or there’s a café offering home-cooked breakfast and brunches, as well as the usual sandwiches and cakes.

There’s a shop selling farm-related accessories, including some items made from farmyard wool. It’s an environmental project, so there’s no parking. It’s a 10-minute walk from the Crossharbour DLR station. It’s free entry, but as a charity project, donations are greatly appreciated.

Hackney City Farm

Hackney City Farm

On the site of a former brewery, Hackney City Farm is a hub for the neighbourhood.

Offering a veg box scheme for locals it has a real community vibe. The farm has a range of farmyard animals including goats, sheep, chickens and donkeys as well as some smaller animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

Animals are rotated with time also spent on a farm in Kent.

There’s a weekly mini farmers club, as well as art and pottery classes and regular events, such as a spring-clean day, jumble sales and a winter craft fayre. For eats, there’s a great rustic Italian restaurant offering breakfasts, lunches and weekly supper nights.

There’s no car parking, but plenty of bicycle loops for bike parking.

The nearest tube is Bethnal Green, and the nearest train station is Hoxton. It’s also close to bus routes 55, 48, 26 and 394.

Deen City Farm

Deen City Farm

Part of The National Trust’s Morden Hall Park, Deen City Farm is the perfect picturesque farmyard.

This urban farm near to Wimbledon offers pony rides, animal feeding and petting. You’ll see sheep, cows, goats, pigs and alpacas, as well as smaller animals like guinea pigs, ducks and chickens.

There’s also an aviary, along with a resident barn owl.

Set over 5 acres, this urban farm has an educational focus.

As well as the farmyard animals, there’s a riding school, as well as a community garden, a café and a shop.

Recycling here is a big theme, which you’ll encounter as you wander the site; it includes a cob building with a roof made entirely from plastic bottles. In the school holidays there are ‘young farmer’ and ‘own a pony’ day schemes (you’ll need to book).

There’s limited car parking. The farm is within walking distance of both Colliers Wood and Wimbledon tube stations, and Morden Road tram stop. Stops on both the 93 and the 200 bus routes are also within walking distance of the farm.

Vauxhall City Farm

Vauxhall City Farm

A hidden gem, this little piece of countryside in central London gives a sneaky peek at rural life.

The vision of this urban farm (set up 35 years ago as a community project) is to give its visitors an experience of nature to enhance their health, well-being and life chances, by offering a range of educational and therapeutic activities.

As well as pigs, sheep, goats and alpacas, the farm boasts a collection of smaller animals too, from guinea pigs and rats to bunny rabbits and ferrets.

There’s a riding school offering lessons and ‘own a pony’ days in the school holidays (booking essential).

There are also lots of extra activities during the holidays, such as cooking workshops, and growing a mini garden, as well as tutorials on how to look after small animals. In addition, there are regular community events.

For eats, there is a modern café. To get there, the farm is a short walk from Vauxhall tube or train station, and there’s street parking next to the farm (it’s metered).

It’s also inside the congestion zone, so on weekdays there’ll be a charge for that too, so public transport may be your best option.

Here are some of the educational benefits of visiting a farm:

  • Encourages language development – so many questions
  • Sensory learning – petting the animals
  • Appreciation of nature – understanding the food chain
  • Promotes healthy living – being active
  • Enhances problem solving skills – trivia questions
  • Boosts motor skills – picking fruit and vegetables, feeding and petting animals

Have a great day at the farm.

Women Are Just Not That Into Valentine’s Day, For Totally Relatable Reasons

We might think of Valentine’s Day as an occasion for chocolates, candlelit dinners, and adventurous new tricks in bed. But according to an epi24 study, many women would prefer to Netflix-and-chill. A good deal could even live without the chill part — especially when they’re not getting as much out of it as their partners.

The sex toy company surveyed 400 American women during December of 2016. 44% of them didn’t expect to celebrate with any presents or romantic meals. In fact, of all the holidays, 41% of women in relationships dread V-Day the most.

Women also seem lukewarm about the night of the 14th. 43% have no interest in shaking up their bedroom routines, and 35% are more excited about the cuddling than the sex itself. 34% would rather spend the night watching TV than getting it on.

Obviously, if almost half of us are dreading a day that’s supposed to be enjoyable, something’s wrong. Perhaps people are tired of the expectation that everyone should be in a relationship. Valentine’s Day ads, cards, and media depictions are also notoriously heteronormative, which is alienating for those who identify outside of the narrow views of a couple presented around this holiday.But the survey also points toward another issue: Valentine’s Day could evoke pressure for women to please their partners at the expense of their desires. 23% of women said they hated having to shave or wax for their significant others, and 11% wished they could skip out on the lingerie.Thankfully, women recognize that they can forego these activities. 65% of the respondents said they weren’t willing to be solely devoted to their partners during sex. If Valentine’s Day is making women feel like they have to be, maybe it’s a good thing so many are swearing it off.

As these results go to show, there’s more than one way to spend February 14. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day,  Fifty Shades Darker‘s release, or absolutely nothing, you’re totally free to do whatever makes you feel happy and respected.If you’re getting what you deserve out of your romantic nights out and steamy nights in, the holiday provides a great excuse to enjoy them. But if you’re sick of the sexist expectations these activities can carry, you have no obligation to live up to them. So, go ahead and pass on the Valentine’s Day shopping and primping. You’re clearly in good company.

David Harbour on His Passionate SAG Awards Acceptance Speech

David Harbour had Shrine Auditorium’s star-studded crowd rapt as he delivered an impassioned acceptance speech for Stranger Things outstanding performance by an an ensemble in a drama series win at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday.

The speech, he tells PEOPLE, wasn’t spur of the moment.

“I started thinking it up about a week ago but really finished writing it all down last night,” the actor, who portrays police chief Jim Hopper on the series, says. “The energy was electric. There were people standing up – Meryl Streep stood up!”

During the lengthy speech, Harbour channeled the shows band of nerdy pre-teens saying that “we 1983 Midwesterners will repel bullies, we will shelter freaks and outcasts, those who have no hope. We will get past the lies.”

“We will repel bullies, we will shelter freaks and outcasts, those who have no homes. We will get past the lies, we will hunt monsters and when we are lost amidst the hypocrisy and the casual violence of certain individuals and institutions, we will, as per chief Jim Hopper, punch some people in the face, when they seek to destroy the meek, and the disenfranchised, and the marginalized, and we will do it all with soul, with heart and with joy,” Harbour said.

During the gathered group’s time onstage, Harbour’s costar Winona Ryder seemed to be taking it all in with some vibrant facial expressions – which quickly captured the Internet’s attention.

“I heard there’s already memes,” Harbour tells PEOPLE. “That’s amazing.”

Stranger Things‘ Joe Keery, who portrays teen heartthrob Steve Harrington, revealed that Harbour had run the speech by the cast “the night before.”

“But the one he actually said was a little different,” Keery revealed.

  • Reporting by NICOLE SANDS

Photographer Captures 40 Women In Their Underwear To Show There’s No Such Thing As The ‘Perfect Woman’

A photographer wants to prove that there’s no such thing as the “perfect woman” by photographing women in their underwear.

Emily Lauren’s ‘Average Girl’ project aims to promote a culture of body positivity to combat the one-size-fits-all idea of beauty often promoted by the media.

“I started this project because I was tired of seeing only one type of woman represented in the media,” the photographer tells The Huffington Post UK.

“When I finally realised that the media profits off of our dissatisfaction with ourselves, I realised that the only way to combat this was to create and put out more sources of body-positive media.”


To date, Lauren has photographed more than 40 women for her project ranging from the ages of 16 to 39. The women are from all walks of life, from students to stay-at-home mums and business women.

“Sometimes I get asked about why I called the project ‘Average Girl’, as if I am referring to only one type of woman,” Lauren says.

“I think ‘average’ is a place where we all fit, [but] we all feel that we don’t fit in. That’s normal! Hence, ‘Average Girl’. Skinny, medium, large… it does not matter. We all face the same kind of pressures in society.”

Lauren says the majority of women in the project chose to keep their names anonymous, but the most memorable person she photographed was a teenager she refers to as “Miss J”.

“She was only 16 and had got her parents consent to do the photo session with me,” Lauren says.

“After interviewing her, I realised how much she was going through on the inside and how badly this book is needed.

“The teen years are especially hard and it’s crucial that we teach young women how to identify and challenge the things that make them feel bad about who they are and what they look like.

“We need to get these women healthy again, in mind and body.”


Lauren is currently crowdfunding to publish a book featuring the images, titled ‘Average Girl: A Guide To Loving Your Body’, but says her main priority is promoting body positivity.

“I don’t care to make a profit off of this book, I only want to raise enough funds to get it in the hands of the people that need it most,” she says.

“I want to make this book because I needed it so badly when I was in my teen years.

“My goal is that every person that reads it will see someone who reminds them of themselves and this will remind them that they are not alone.”

See more images from the ‘Average Girl’ project below or donate to Emily Lauren’s Kickstarter page here.





Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik hardly cross paths in their new music video for the “Fifty Shades Darker” soundtrack, but Zayn’s gf, Gigi Hadid, didn’t put the kibosh on the PDA.

Sources connected to production of the “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” video tell us … Gigi wasn’t even on set when it was being shot and had zero influence on Taylor and Zayn’s interactions. We’re told Gigi’s confident in her relationship with Zayn, and doesn’t try to restrict his work … even if it’s with a hot chick, who happens to be her friend.

We’re told it just made more sense with the song’s lyrics for the duo to be apart in the video — but even if it called for them to be all over each other … Gigi wouldn’t care. She knows how the biz works.

I suffer from a sleeping disorder. It’s called ‘children’.

I have a baby so I get asked a lot: “is he good?”

Good? 🤔

Well…he generally uses his super powers for good, not evil, unless you count that nappy he did last nig-…

No, I mean is he a good sleeper?

Ah. That old chestnut. The main benchmark against which all babies are measured.

“Nope, terrible. I’m part Walking Dead and part coffee machine right now. My daughter was the same and I’ve slept more in her nursing chair than I have my own bed in the past two years. Do any of them sleep through?”

Cue story of how theirs slept through from 2hrs old, 10 hours straight. Just to make me feel extra specially good.

The thing is, it’s not through want of trying, I’ve tried every sleep method known to mum, some ok and some which I’ve found downright stupid. But I’ve still tried.

My particular favourite was the one where you move the chair further away until you’re outside the room. Tried that when she was a toddler. Ever tried moving a nursing chair? Yeah, not easy. Woke her right up trying to get the bloody thing through her door. Got stuck half way and we had to try and pry it out. By which time my daughter was stood up in her cot watching us.

Wot you doin’ mummy?”

Nothing sweetheart” I hissed through gritted teeth trying to shove said chair out of the doorframe with my foot whilst my husband pulled and used PG-13 swear words.

“Go back to sleep little one”

“I’m not tired mummy”

Oh goody.

Chair wrestle continues. Child now hung over edge of cot watching excitedly. Clapping for good measure.

“Where are you taking my chair mummy?”

“Nowhere darling”.

Partly true, was wedged good and proper.

“Now go back to sleep”

Chair-freeing exercise continues. Actually wondering if to remove door frame now.

“Mummy, can I have cake?”


*Now bouncing up and down on bed*


It was around 2am.

Mission abandoned.

The next day my friend pointed out that we should’ve tried it with a normal chair as opposed to the nursing chair. I felt the hysterical laughter she accompanied this with was unnecessary and her then asking if I took footstool as well. Course not. That would’ve been stupid.

So, that evening I dutifully robbed a dining table chair and set up camp. Easing away from her cot every few minutes whilst muttering under my breath, mantra-style, “Do. Not. Make. Eye. Contact” and freezing each time she moved, I felt like I was in a precarious game of statues. I thought I was home free until I stubbed my toe on the now damaged door frame and, for good measure, dropped the chair on the same toe. Once my eyes had stopped watering and my husband had assured me I still had a toe, I looked round to see if there was any chance she was asleep.


“Wot you doing’ mummy?”

Mission abandoned.

So yeah, I’ve given them all a go. When it comes to sleepless nights I’ve not only got the T-shirt, i’ve got the whole darn outfit. It’s called Pyjamas and it’s my main attire these days.

The thing is when it comes to the sleep habits of children I feel it’s important for people to do what suits them and their family. Parenting is the hardest job in the world and the last thing we need is to cast judgement of each other because of choices we make, particularly the sleep deprived ones at 3am. I know from being with my mummy friends that sleep, or lack thereof, can really divide opinion and yet ultimately we are all in this crazy parenting boat together, out at sea, in the middle of a storm, with sharks circling us, no paddle and the Kraken below us. What works for one family, may or may not work for another. The ones I haven’t tried though have been due to my laziness. Apparently my dad used to take me for walks at 3am or drive in the car to get me to sleep. Screw that.

I’ve also read every article I can find online and the overriding thing I do know is there will come a day when I can sell my shares in Touché Eclat and Tassimo and snooze blissfully uninterrupted. However, until that day comes I’m ok with how we do things safe in the knowledge that it’s quite normal for infants to frequently wake.

But, but, but, wait, there is an actual bonafide reason why children appear to hate sleeping.

Brace yourself. Here comes the science. 🤓

The fact is most babies don’t sleep through the night, and further to that, none of us do. This is all due to a little phenomenon called sleep cycles. A sleep cycle is where we go from light sleep to deep sleep in rotation throughout the night. Heard of R.E.M. Sleep? No, not the ‘Everybody Hurts’ one (although that would be an accurate description for sleepless nights) the other one; that’s the dream bit. It’s estimated that at full term a baby has 50% of their sleep cycle in R.E.M and dreams also mean nightmares and nightmares mean more chance of waking. The fundamental difference between adults and babies is that as adults we’ve learnt how to progress from one sleep cycle to the next without fully waking, and separate reality from dreams, most babies however, haven’t and will wake. In addition babies have over double the amount of sleep cycles we do as adults. If you want to know exactly how much sleep on average parents lose in the first year, netmums have gone one step further with this article and actually worked it out! Bet that made you feel better knowing that.

The end result of all this is frequent wakes. Yipee.

To read more on sleep cycles, see this article from the Huffington post.

The bottom line is, whilst some parents drop lucky and get a great sleeper, for most sleep takes time and you’ll just have to wait and take revenge when they’re teenagers. Wake them at 3am to tell them you’ve lost your sock and you think there are monsters under your bed. Cry for no reason and empty the entire contents of your bed on the floor and then cry about that as if you’ve no idea how it got there. Then do that every night for two years. 😈😈

But for now at least remember that sleep will happen, eventually. There will come a day when all your efforts have been worth it and you no longer have to sneak out like a ninja each time your child eventually falls asleep.


In fact, just three days ago, I was getting my 2yr 7m old daughter ready for bed when she said;

“you can go downstairs now mummy, I’m a big girl and can go to sleep on my own”


Thinking I was being lulled into a false sense of security by a child that’s been attached to me like a barnacle since the day she was born, I clarified this decision.

“You want me to put you to bed and go down stairs?”



So I gave her a kiss, tucked her into bed, left the room and stood outside listening, ear smooshed up to the door. I heard her sing the Hokey Cokey, talk to her teddies a bit about putting their left leg in and then it went quiet. I gently (and possibly foolishly) opened the door to see her snuggled up in bed surrounded by her teddies snoring peacefully. And I realised with a pang to my heart, a sting to my eyes and a lump in my throat, that despite moaning to every one that came near me about her sleep habits, I actually missed our sleepy cuddles. She was gaining independence and needed me less.

And it hurt. Gosh, it hurt bad. 💔

It took everything in my power that night to close that door and not run into the room, climb into her cot and snuggle up next to her whilst sobbing “please don’t grow up” into the back of her head.


But for now I’m back to eating neat coffee granules, putting the kettle in the fridge and being confused about what day of the week it is as my baby son is exactly the same as my daughter. In fact, I’d hazard to say he’s worse, and seems totally opposed to the concept of sleep. But I just keep focusing on when it gets easier and try and enjoy the late night, warm cuddles we share. I never want to say to anyone ‘cherish every moment’ because quite frankly, it’s tosh. There are some moments you definitely don’t want to cherish, and everyone has their own threshold, but what I will say is hang in there. Your day will come when you’re listening to the Hokey Cokey outside your child’s room. But in the meantime and for now, I’ll leave you with one important word; Coffee. Lots and lots of Coffee. 👍


Please Stop Asking Me How I Afford To Travel

Go to the profile of Monica Modzelewski

Monica Modzelewski is a Chicago-based HR Professional & lifestyle blogger. Her blog, Caravan of Style, focuses on career advice and affordable fashion for women.

Iceland, 2016

Travel. When you really think about it, travel is probably one of the few words in the English language that can make people feel a range of emotions, depending on how they feel about the idea behind the word. Travel can feel exciting, daring, nerve-wracking, and terrifying all at the same time. For some it’s a passion and for others it’s simply a task they have no interest in.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to have the ability to travel to so many parts of the world. My travel bucket list is long and never ending, yet each year I look forward to a new and exciting adventure. Lucky enough, it’s an interest I share with many close friends and a topic of lively debate amongst those same friends.

On the flip side though, over these past few years I have noticed that conversations around travel have at times taken a turn for the negative. Statements like — “Well I can’t afford to travel because I have student loans to pay….” and “You must make a lot of money to be able to travel as much as you do….” to my personal favorite question “How can you afford to travel and live in Chicago? Do your parents help pay for it?

In case you are wondering the answer to that last is questions is a firm NO. My parents have not paid any of my bills since I graduated college in 2010. thank.you.very.much.

France, 2010

Honestly it’s that last question that really gets to me the most. It’s a rude question. Why all the assumptions that I’m wealthier than you, don’t have any bills to pay, and live off my parents income?

I do understand the curiosity of the question though. Travel, while exciting can also bring on anxiety, stress, and jealousy due to the finances needed to make it happen. So how do I afford to travel on a big-city-living single girl’s income?

1. Travel is a Priority

At the end of the day the answer is pretty simple — I prioritize travel. Travel always has been and will always be at the very top of my priorities list. Therefore, I find ways to make all aspects of travel, from the logistical to the financial, a end goal with the choices I make in my daily life.

When something or someone become a priority in your life, it’s easy to find ways to make it fit into your own world. If it ever starts to feel like a chore, it no longer becomes a priority and you should drop it as fast as a hot potato. (P.S. Does anyone use phrases like that anymore??….)

2. My Money Motto: “Outta Sight, Outta Mind”

I’m no stranger to the fact that in many cases, it’s the cost of traveling that can be the overwhelming problem. Last year, I wrote an blog post about the The Best Financial Decisions I Made in My 20’s and it’s those foundational decisions, like the one’s I mentioned in that blog post that have helped me set myself up for life of traveling.

Budgeting is not fun, however the easiest way to save up money for travel is to automate your savings. Create a budget that allows you to set aside any amount of money toward travel. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, even $5 will do. Now you automate the savings of that that money to a new savings account dedicated to your traveling goal. When you don’t see that money in your checking account, you are far less likely to spend on things you don’t need.

I personally have been using Smarty Pig for years, however I’ve also heard great things about personal finance apps like Digit and Simple.

Mexico, 2015

3. Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Side

In this day and age, almost every single financial related article will tell you a side hustle is the key to financial freedom. I’m constantly finding a variety of ways to bring in extra cash into my pockets, that’s dedicated to my travel fund.

My key to success in the side hustle business is to not overthink it. Don’t expect to be raking in a huge amount of money from your side hustle, start small. In 2016, I picked up change off the streets, I actually found $43 worth of change in 2016 just by picking up change off the sidewalks during my walk home from work, sold old clothes that I no longer wear on websites like Poshmark & Ebay and picked up a few babysitting jobs. Every single penny of that money went directly into my travel savings account.

Have a talent for calligraphy or drawing? Teach a Skillshare class and make a few extra bucks teaching others your talent. The possibilities are endless and every little bit helps you reach your savings goal.

4. Become a Puzzle Master

Traveling the world can get expensive, but the reality of that statement is that higher travel costs are almost always associated with a convenience factor. The trick with saving money and keeping travel costs lows is by becoming flexible in your planning and making your money work for you.

More popular destinations around the world, like Paris & London, will come with a cost. However if you expand your horizons, you’ll see that this world is filled with amazing destinations that are far more budget friendly. Countries like Taiwan, Colombia, and Hungary are great travel destinations where the dollar has a lot of value.

Still interested in those more popular cities and countries? Learn to hack your travel like a puzzle master. Websites like momondo.com and travel apps like Hopper & Skyscanner are out there to help you book the best possible travel at the lowest cost. Take some time to figure out how to use them, and soon enjoy you’ll learn that with a few simple hacks, you can really save some money.

So if you’ve added “travel more” to your resolutions this year, truly do everything you can to make it happen. Everything is possible in this world as long as you are willing to really work for it. Hopefully these tips help you achieve your travel goals this year.

As for me, 2017 is gearing up to be an exciting year. I’m excited to be heading out to Costa Rica with one of my favorite companies, Under30Experiences to celebrate my 29th birthday. I’ve also book a trip to France and Spain for later in the summer, and am currently in the process of planning a quick trip to Greece.

So where to do you plan to travel this year?

Spain, 2010


Freefly Mobile Virtual Reality Headset: Experience another world.

Freefly VR  is a mobile virtual reality headset for iPhone 6 (including the iPhone 6 Plus) and most modern Android smartphones that tracks your 360° head movements and renders 3D visuals on your phone’s screen, making you feel like you’re in a virtual world. This is called VR, Virtual Reality.

Freefly Mobile Virtual Reality Headset (Image 1)

Enjoy another world with extreme immersivity due to highest Field of View (120°) in the market today, now even more lightweight and with added soft leather finish for the biggest comfort level even after longer periods of use.

Freefly Mobile Virtual Reality Headset (Image 2)

Compatible devices include iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, Samsung S3, S4, S5 and S6, Google Nexus 5 and 6, Sony Xperia Z1, Z2 and Z3, LG G2 and G3

Multi-phone adjustable (4.7″ and 6.1″), including  iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, Samsung S3, S4, S5 and S6, Samsung Note 3&4 and many more…

Freefly Mobile Virtual Reality Headset (Image 3)

Minimum phone length of 135mm with maximum phone size 165 x 90mm

In the box: 
Freefly VR Mobile Virtual Reality Headset, hardshell carry case, controller, lens cloth and instruction manual
Wide 42 mm lenses for maximum field of immersion
1-click quick open system
Ergonomic comfort with soft faux-leather
Free GLIDE wireless Android controller!
note: People that are far-sighted are mostly able to use it but near-sighted people are recommended to use contact lenses.

With the GLIDE wireless controller, you can shoot those zombies, walk around Egyptian tombs or pull the cord of your parachute.The Glide controller is only compatible with Android Phones. iPhone VR games are mostly controlled in-app and are therefore no controller is required.

Freefly Mobile Virtual Reality Headset (Image 4)